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Tools & Platform

PSETradex Explore is a web based trading terminal which caters equities trading. This trading terminal provides a real time market data as well as trading capabilities via the internet server. Additionally, all relevant market information is readily available for an efficient and effective trading experience. Hence with just one click from the mouse, the user can manage his own portfolio and monitor his orders sent to the market.

Key Features:
a. Watch List

Watch list is a portfolio of stocks grouped together for ease of use. The user can create, rename or delete a watchlist.

b. Stock Info

The stock info window provides basic information about a specific stock.

c. Chart

The window displays the volume and price movement of a stock

d. Portfolio

This window show all stocks currently held by the user and the details of the market movement.

e. Tracker Record

The window displays all the executed trades for a certain stock; it has real time update of all done transactions.